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Publicity Can’t Be Measured in Books Sold. Here’s 3 Reasons Why It’s Still Valuable

Publicity Can’t Be Measured in Books Sold. Here’s 3 Reasons Why It’s Still Valuable

Time and again when we are talking to potential clients the same question comes up. “How can I measure my ROI with publicity?” And while at Guide My Brand, we wish there was an easier and more direct way to determine the value of publicity, the truth is that there really isn’t. Whenever clients come to us hoping that their publicity will sell copies of their book, tickets to an event, or enrollment in a new online program they are running, we always tell them the same thing. 

“We secure media hits, it’s up to you to leverage them into sales or exposure for your book or service.”

While we know this isn’t what our clients always want to hear, for us, honesty is the best policy and it’s important to set the right expectations from the beginning. But here’s the thing, even though you can’t directly measure it, PR can still be hugely valuable to your business or book. Here’s why. 

3 Reasons Publicity is Valuable

1. PR is an instant legitimizer.

The minute we get a recommendation from a friend, or if we come across an interesting article or podcast interview, we Google it. It’s just the way life works now. So if someone hears about your book and does a search, and nothing comes up? They’re probably going to be less likely to buy it. But if they search your name, or your company online and the search comes back with a number of hits? They know you are the real deal. 

2. Publicity doesn’t just boost your current company or book. It builds your online platform

At Guide My Brand, we work with both authors and entrepreneurs. But even when we 

are contracted for a book-specific campaign, we are still doing more than just promoting your book. We are promoting you! The media hits you secure for your book spread the word about your current book, but they also spread the word about you as an author. 

And the other great thing about book publicity is that if they had you on their podcast to talk about your book, chances are they will be interested in having you on in the future to talk about your next book. Publicity is a great investment because you carry that media coverage with you throughout the rest of your career. 

3. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if nobody knows you do it. 

This is our motto at Guide My Brand. If you’re amazing at something, why wouldn’t you want to let everyone know? And do you know what is much more effective than trying to tell someone how amazing you are at it? If a third party actually tells their audience how amazing you are. By hiring a publicist, you are working to get your name out there in a way that is authentic that people respond to. Paid marketing can be a great tactic, but everyone knows that PR isn’t going to happen if you and your publicist can’t convince others how great you are. What are you waiting for? Time to get your name out there!

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