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Struggling with PR? 3 Steps to Start Fresh in 2023

Struggling with PR? 3 Steps to Start Fresh in 2023

There are so many aspects to managing your brand, your book or your business. Coming up with content, engaging and building your audience, plus running the day-to-day operation takes up a lot of your time.

We only have so much energy and so much time in a day. So what’s holding you back for 2023?

Some authors, entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with the publicity piece of their business. They just don’t have the knowledge or resources to get the attention they deserve, and that can be a major bottleneck to growing their business.

Here are 3 ways to rethink your publicity plan for 2023:

  • Assess whether you can do it yourself.

Do you currently have the know-how and time to handle your own PR? If not, do you have a plan?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, some options include outsourcing aspects of your business. Is there some admin work that a virtual assistant could do?

Then, are you willing and able to learn how to pitch journalists and podcast hosts? This could be through reading books, taking online courses and reading posts on the Guide My Brand blog

Once you’ve gotten the knowledge you need, do you have time to research and pitch yourself for opportunities? Expect a learning curve as you understand what types of pitches work best for you. Then, you’ll coordinate any requests as they come in, going back and forth to share any additional information the outlet is requesting and to arrange a time for an interview.

  • Fine-tune or refocus your plan.

What types of outlets are you targeting? Which are most valuable for your brand or business?

Now’s a great time to reassess where you’re putting your efforts. There are so many options: podcasts, contributed pieces, guest blogs, radio, TV, newspapers and websites.

Are you having trouble in a certain area? Are you spending too much time on one? Or are you having a lot of success somewhere, and would it make sense to focus your attention there?

  • Be honest about whether you need help.

Many entrepreneurs and authors who are working to grow their name recognition and increase their client base or book sales may feel totally out of their element when it comes to promoting themselves.

Is 2023 the year that you hire professional help to alleviate that burden? The team at Guide My Brand is made up of public relations pros and former journalists with decades of experience. They do as much as possible to set clients up for success without requiring too much of their time. Schedule a free discovery call to explain your needs and learn how we can help.

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