The 2 Biggest Publicity Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

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It isn’t enough to be visible for your business . . . you have to be visible in the right places for the right topics.

Most clients who come to me have already tried some form of publicity – public speaking, guest blogging, hosting a podcast, etc. And while they understand the power of being more visible, they aren’t actually seeing any results.

The two biggest mistakes they’re making are:

1) Not developing a niche or staying in their lane

2) Speaking to the wrong audience

If I had a dollar for every public speaker who comes to me and wants to speak on “leadership” or “overcoming adversity,” I could just retire and sit on the beach. That isn’t to say you can’t speak on those topics, but you have to develop your own unique angle based on your personal experiences.

The same goes for any topic. I had a doctor client who created a skincare line. She didn’t just talk about the benefits of plant-based products like hers, she told the story of how she created the line after having thyroid cancer.

And she didn’t go to conferences and talk to other doctors (a mistake I see in many industries – don’t talk to your peers, talk to your ideal client). She focused on talking to vegans and cancer survivors, two audiences we identified as most interested in her products.

What visibility strategies have you tried that haven’t worked? Are you guilty of one of the mistakes I outlined?

One of my favorite ways to get more visible is through podcast interviews. Don’t know how to start landing these amazing opportunities? Check out my free guide, The Art of the Podcast Pitch.

Vicky Lynch
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