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Getting Featured With Mainstream Publications

When clients come to work with us, most of them have goals of getting published in mainstream media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Mind, Body, Green.

However, there’s a conflict that exists between the way you write to your audience (on social media, in your website copy, etc.) and the type of voice you have to use when getting featured in big publications like these.

(This is especially true for writing guest blog posts, but it happens with podcasts and other outlets as well!)

Here’s what often happens:

The client wants to be featured someplace like Forbes.

I’ll either edit what they write, or my ghostwriter writes an article for them.

But their feedback is, “This doesn’t sound like me. I want to reword this so that it’s how I speak to my audience.”

The problem is that the way you write/speak to your audience might not match the voice of the publication you’re trying to get featured in.

Because when you’re trying to get featured in someplace like Forbes, it’s not about writing in your voice, it’s about writing in the publication’s voice. It’s not about speaking to your audience, it’s about speaking to the publication’s audience.

I know this can be a difficult piece to navigate, so that’s why I did a quick livestream in my Facebook group.

In the video, I share:

  • why writing the way you speak (or writing in your typical brand voice) is likely not the way you should be writing for outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.
  • examples that have happened recently with clients – plus the advice I shared with them
  • the 2 questions you should ask yourself before pitching to big mainstream publications
  • what options you have if it doesn’t feel authentic to change your style or voice when writing guest blogs

Watch the replay, then comment below (or comment on the video) and let me know – what are your thoughts on this? What questions do you have on style guidelines, writing voice, and how to make these work for the publications you want to be featured in?

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