the #1 thing that will make the biggest difference in your success

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There’s one simple thing I do, to ensure my success, that I think most other people don’t do. 

And when I say simple, I really do mean simple. You could do it, right here, right now, and it would only take a couple of minutes to complete. 

It’s a thing that has led to almost all of my success in both life and business. 

After all, this thing landed me my husband! And my first book deal. Which landed a second book deal, with an advance, literary agent, and big New York publishing house. And that book led to multiple six-figures in income from speaking engagements. This thing is also why I now have a book coach, who also happens to be a New York Times bestselling author!

So, what is this thing? What has made the biggest difference in my success? 

It’s my willingness to send anyone – and I mean literally anyone – an email. It’s my willingness to ASK for what I want. 

See? I told you it was simple.

If you don’t send the email, the person can’t say yes to you. If you don’t ask for what you want, you aren’t going to get it. 

So send the email. Ask for what you want. Most people won’t do that. So, don’t be most people 😉

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