The 2 types of pitches for podcast publicity

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When a client first comes through the door, we end up drafting two kinds of podcast pitches for the two different types of podcasts we most often see. One pitch I call “the journey pitch” and the other I call a “how to” pitch.

The journey pitch tends to be for a podcast who has guests share about their journey… such as how they got where they are, why they do what they do, and how they started their business. Perhaps the guest shares about lessons learned in the first year of business or about how to overcome a particular failure. Essentially, the guest is talking about his or her journey. 

The how to pitch is for a podcast who has a guest teach something to the audience. Perhaps the guest teaches the 3 things to do with email marketing or how to create a social media calendar or using Pinterest to get more leads. Essentially, the guest is teaching others how to do something in particular. 

Over the years, we’ve found that most podcasts fall into one of these two categories. So, before you start pitching yourself for interviews, consider drafting two podcast pitches that can be used as templates. Of course, for each specific podcast you pitch, you’ll want to swap sentences, add in details, and tweak the angle of the topic you’re suggesting to share. 

While you don’t want to create two templates and blast them out to every podcast you find, you DO want to make things easier for yourself by preparing talking points for the two main types of podcasts you’ll find.

I’d love to know: Do you listen to more “journey” podcasts or “how to” podcasts?? 

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