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Becoming a recognized expert

Back in June, my client Kate Bee of The Sober School was featured by Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

And there’s a big lesson here about PR…

We pitched this writer January 3rd…. FIVE months before she was featured! And even though we followed up a few weeks later, she didn’t have anything she was working on at the time where Kate would be a good fit. But, she kept Kate’s info and got back in touch with us when she got an assignment that fit.

That’s often how PR works. You pitch a writer who’s written about your subject before (because you know they have some level of interest in the topic already), and you hope they’re working on something current that’s a good fit. But, sometimes it’s MONTHS later.

It’s very common practice for writers to keep a database of expert sources to come back to for future stories. Also, if you pitch a writer (especially if you go back to them with good ideas on a consistent basis), you’re getting on their radar. That’s the first step to becoming a recognized expert.

But it doesn’t happen overnight!

Just because someone didn’t feature you or quote you the first time doesn’t mean PR isn’t working. It means you’re not giving it time to work.

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