What Taylor & Travis Are Teaching Us About Public Relations

What Taylor & Travis Are Teaching Us About Public Relations

It seems most everyone has an opinion about the most popular couple in America right now: Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift. Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: They could teach everyone a thing or two about public relations. 

Some people think their relationship is staged for the media, and others believe it’s the real deal. But here’s the kicker: It doesn’t matter either way. We’re learning some valuable media lessons from these two. 

  • Everyone needs public relations. Everyone. 

Taylor and Travis are both at the top of their respective games. Travis, already a Super Bowl winner, is off to the big game again. And Taylor — well, you don’t need us to tell you how successful she’s been. Fresh off her record-breaking Eras Tour, album rerecords and latest Grammy wins — she’s the biggest pop star in the world. When speculation started flying that perhaps the TnT relationship was a publicity stunt — many wondered, but why? Why would either of these two need public relations? The answer is simple: Everyone needs public relations. 

Taylor showing up at Travis’ game opened her up to a new audience — men who may have written off her albums as “for women or girls.” After the first leg of the Eras tour wrapped up, people kept talking about Taylor. 

And now, a new group of people are watching the NFL — more women are watching football, hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift cheering on her man. 

  • When it comes to publicity, timing is everything. 

Whether their relationship is real or fabricated — the timing is undeniably perfect. Taylor started showing up at Travis’ games in the months leading up to the Grammys — keeping her top of mind as the voters considered the nominees, and keeping her name out there right before she used her acceptance speech to announce a brand new album. We shouldn’t expect anything less from Taylor. She is a self-proclaimed “mastermind,” after all. 

And for Travis and his brother, their name has been all over the media thanks to the Swiftie effect — and look at that timing! The months leading up to the Super Bowl and Jason Kelce’s retirement announcement. Now, their podcast is taking off, and Travis is all over the magazines and social media. He’s also landing new brand deals. 

Public relations is all about mutually beneficial relationships, and everyone needs those — even the most famous people in the world. 

Even people like you, who may think their brand, business or book isn’t big enough to warrant any kind of public relations campaign. But that’s where you’re wrong. It’s incorrect to think a little PR push couldn’t bring you some positive results or even potential new clients. 

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Vicky Lynch
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