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When is the Best Time to Start Seeking Publicity?

When is the Best Time to Start Seeking Publicity?

A big question many clients have is: When should I get started with my publicity campaign? It depends, and there can be a degree of flexibility here, but we’ll highlight some helpful guidelines for authors and entrepreneurs looking for third-party validation. If you’re working to become recognized as an expert in your field, keep reading.

1. When should authors launch their PR campaign?

Let’s start with authors working on their book publicity plans. You’ve spent a lot of time writing, and of course, you want an audience to read your work. How do you build that audience and let them know about your book?

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Guide My Brand works with a lot of clients to start building buzz months before publication. We’ll have a kick-off call and learn more about you, your book and your goals. Then, we start to develop a few pitches and research target outlets.

If your book has been recently published, now is the time! You may already be months behind, but we’ll do our best to help you catch up. Otherwise, you probably want to shoot for 2-6 months before publication. 

That seems like a long time, but consider this: Even if we get an invitation from a podcast right away, the interview may be a month or two away, and then publication could be another month from then. Major pre-publication book reviewers have a 16-week lead time. Yes, four months! There are short-lead media opportunities we can pursue, but more time will lead to more results.

Regardless of which publicist or agency you choose, it’s important to realize that publicity does not happen overnight. We’ll use a variety of strategies to help you get the attention you deserve, from relying on trusted contacts at various publications to reaching out to niche podcasts and blogs that your audience are consuming.

Publicity campaigns are not a one-and-done situation. You’re not going for one article in a top-tier publication. They’re about consistent media coverage, and especially for those who are new to publicity, it’s about building a portfolio of mid-tier coverage before reaching out to more elite outlets.

Those niche outlets are often more valuable because you’re getting introduced to an audience that’s already interested in your topic. 

Keep publicity in mind well before your release date so that your book launch is on track for even greater success.

2. When should entrepreneurs consider their next publicity campaign?

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are often timely topics that we can pitch you around. One of our health and wellness clients had success with a COVID-19 angle around the time a new variant started surging.

Those building personal brands often come to us when they want to prepare for an event, launch a rebranding campaign or reach the next level of growth in their business.

Startups sometimes reach out a month or so before they have something they’re ready to announce. One of our tech clients has been building out a platform to help student-athletes make money, and as they’ve rolled out to different markets, we’ve put together press releases and pitch lists to publicize those deals. They’ve gotten consistent coverage all over the country, which has helped them to expand to more and more markets. 

Getting publicity for very early-stage startups can be tricky, with many media outlets not wanting to cover them if not much is going on. We can brainstorm ideas and let you know about the possibilities and the best timing to reach your goals.

Every situation is different, and Guide My Brand is happy to provide customized guidance to meet your needs. Book a free discovery call today.

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