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Why Newsweek Featured Our Client – And How We Landed the Publicity

Why Newsweek Featured Our Client – And How We Landed the Publicity

How would you like to be quoted in top-tier outlets like Newsweek? It’s a major milestone toward even greater credibility and recognition.

Guide My Brand was thrilled to recently land Newsweek coverage for Kristal DeSantis, a marriage and family therapist who’s sharing her relationship-building experience in a new book.

Authors and entrepreneurs often start by building a solid foundation of coverage before reaching publications with the largest audiences. The team at Guide My Brand does a mix of pitching, establishing expertise through mid-tier outlets while also reaching for the top-tier opportunities. This is often accomplished through reaching out to writers and podcast hosts in addition to contributing original content to online outlets and blogs.

So how did we land Newsweek? That happened through another strategy we use – monitoring in-bound media requests. These are journalists who are seeking sources.

There are a handful of platforms that journalists can use to ask for help with a story. One popular one is Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, which sends out requests by email several times a day.

The reporter had seen a viral Reddit post posing an interesting relationship question about a woman “stranding” a drunk boyfriend and his friends. Then, that reporter posted a request for sources through a similar service. 

We flagged it for our client, who got back to us quickly with some very relevant points that were ultimately used in the article. Kristal actually had an acronym, REPAIR, with clear steps for a good apology.

It’s a perfect example of the type of teamwork that leads to results, with Guide My Brand working in tandem with clients to help highlight their message.

The funny thing is many people are aware of HARO. Sometimes our clients are getting the emails. But do they have the time and energy to routinely spend the time to monitor them? HARO sends three emails a day. Other services send more. It can be overwhelming to try to catch opportunities. So most authors and entrepreneurs are not really maximizing their impact.

Guide My Brand can help take a few things off your plate so that you’re well-positioned for more top-tier media coverage. Book a discovery call to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

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