How to time your publicity for your next book launch

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Want to get publicity to help you during your next book or program launch? 

Hint: it takes time! 

You’ll need to start planning your publicity opportunities earlier than you might think. 

Launching something next month? Don’t rely on using publicity to promote it. 

Timing for promoting your next launch:

After sending a pitch, it normally takes 1-2 weeks at a minimum to get a reply – not to mention how long it can take for any follow ups, scheduling, and editing before it actually goes live. 

Podcast interviews often take at least 6 weeks from pitch to publication – but it could be 2-3 months depending on how booked the podcast is! Guest blogs on major outlets tend to take a month or two. And speaking engagements? Those can take anywhere from 6 months to a year out (likely even longer right now, considering current circumstances!)

So if you want publicity opportunities to promote your next launch (whether that’s a program or a book) – I beg of you. Give yourself at least three months, bare minimum.

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Vicky Lynch
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