The #1 Book Marketing Mistake to avoid

book marketing mistake

Avoid this book marketing mistake

Writing a book – or planning to? One of the best pieces of advice I have for you is to SLOW. DOWN.

Many of the people I speak to want to write a book to become a thought leader or the go-to expert in their niche. But then they rush through the process, or they cut corners and pinch pennies. They try hiring the cheaper editor or cover designer, or they rush through the process and don’t give themselves the time to properly market the book.

Your book is a representation of you and your expertise.

The best way to get your book out there and have it be widely known (so that you can have more readers, more clients AND a bigger impact) is to have a focused and strategic plan in place leading up to the publication of your book.

My advice? Slow down. Don’t cheap out on your book. Start marketing it EARLY.

What questions do you have on this? Let me know below!

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Vicky Lynch
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