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How to use newsjacking to get publicity

Do you want to write for outlets like Entrepreneur or Inc.? Maybe magazines like Working Mother or Women's Health? I help clients get placements in these outlets and more every day, and one strategy works more effectively (and faster!) than any other...

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How to time your publicity for your next book launch

Want to get publicity to help you during your next book or program launch?  Hint: it takes time!  You’ll need to start planning your publicity opportunities earlier than you might think.  Launching something next month? Don’t rely on using publicity to promote it.  Timing for promoting your next launch: After...

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3 steps to get ready for publicity

One of the #1 questions I get as a publicist is: am I ready for publicity? Maybe you've seen others in Entrepreneur or Inc. or Forbes or on TV or speaking on a stage and thought, "I can't wait for that to be me one day!" But...