Media Training Made Easy: Interview Training For Authors And Entrepreneurs

Media Training Made Easy: Interview Training For Authors And Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or author who gets nervous at the thought of doing interviews with journalists — you’re not alone. Far from it. You might think you don’t know how to answer reporter questions about your products and offerings. 

Many of our clients sweat at the thought of doing a podcast, television or even print interview. As a media coach, I often hear people tell me they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Or they’re nervous about having to appear on-camera for television or streaming platforms.

But what if you knew before going into an interview that you didn’t have to answer any question you didn’t want to? What if you knew that no matter what, it was possible to get out exactly the message you wanted? 

I’m here to tell you it’s all possible. 

At Guide My Brand, we offer a straightforward, personalized master class in media training. It’s a one-stop-shop to learn how to confidently get your ideal messaging out during interviews with journalists, bloggers or podcasters — while confidently sidestepping anything you don’t want to talk about. 

Watch any interview with celebrities, politicians, or big time CEOs and you’ll watch them navigate questions with ease. We can arm you with the same tactics so you can do the same. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to craft your messaging to appeal to the right audience
  • How to confidently answer any tough question 
  • How to shine during media interviews — so you get asked to do more of them!
  • The one question you will almost certainly get asked
  • How to dress and do your hair and makeup for on-camera opportunities

Our Guide My Brand team is made up of longtime publicists and broadcast journalists. We’ve seen it all. We’ve been on both sides of both the light, feature interviews and the tough ones, too. We’ll help you through it. 

You’ll receive a pre-recorded, 30 minute media training session customized to you, your brand and your talking points, hosted by a current broadcast journalist. Watch the masterclass on your own time to learn from the pros — and feel free to come back to us with any additional questions to be answered by our team. 

Questions? Schedule a call or send us an email at: to get started with your own media training session today! 


Vicky Lynch
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