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Travel Writing Retreats

Part mastermind retreat and part FAM trip, our travel writing retreats are open to travel writers and bloggers in search of bigger and better opportunities.

While you explore an exciting location and learn about the local culture, you’ll also be honing your craft with expert coaches. In addition to the typical activities and dining you find on FAM trips, you’ll also have group and 1:1 coaching to help you improve your pitching, discover new outlets, improve your craft and grow your business as a freelance travel writer or travel blogger.


Our Coaches

Kristi Dosh

Kristi Dosh is a “recovering attorney” turned publicist, as well as a contributor with Forbes, POPSUGAR, AARP, CraftBeer.com and Entrepreneur. She has also written for such outlets as Glamour, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day, Parents, Golf Digest and more. Kristi, along with Noreen Kompanik, is the co-founder of TravelbyVacationRental.com, where they review vacation rentals. Kristi also writes about beach travel and lifestyle on her pen name website, SavannahCarlisle.com.

Kristi previously served as a multi-platform reporter at ESPN and holds a law degree from the University of Florida. She is the author of two books and a frequent public speaker, in addition to founding the boutique PR agency Guide My Brand. She teaches programs on social media for travel writers, personal branding, public relationspublic speaking and writing.

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Noreen Kompanik

Noreen Kompanik is a retired registered nurse, legal nurse consultant, and military spouse turned travel writer. She launched her travel writing career in 2014 and has over 600 articles in both digital and print publications. Noreen, along with Kristi Dosh, is the co-founder of TravelbyVacationRental.com, where they review vacation rentals.

She is an assistant editor for Food, Wine, Travel Magazine and a senior writer for Go Nomad. Noreen is also a regular contributor to Travel Pulse, San Diego Explorer, Edible San Diego Magazine, International Living, and Europe Up Close, and pioneered the Travel Writer’s Café for Great Escape Publishing.

``Attending this travel writing retreat and press trip in Breckenridge Colorado was an extremely valuable and productive undertaking for me. As a result of the trip, I came away with not only an assignment for Food and Travel Magazine whom I am now a dedicated writer for, but a deeper understanding of how to use my social media channels more effectively. The networking and brainstorming that took place was also something I found to be extremely beneficial to my travel writing efforts.” - Jed Vaughn, Freelance Travel Writer

Our Retreats

Each trip is different but every retreat includes:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Gourmet dining and craft beverages
  • Unique local activities
  • Group masterminding and training sessions
  • 1:1 coaching

Each of our retreats is customized to fit each specific group of attendees and improve their skills as a travel writer. Examples of some of our training sessions include:

Hot Seat: What is your niche/brand?

This is a fun activity where everyone gets the other participants’ websites/blogs and social media and check them out in advance. Each person has a turn on the “hot seat” where the rest of the group will tell them what they think their niche/personal brand is based on their content and how they’re presenting themselves online. It’s really powerful because often people are shocked at how scattered their online presence is in terms of not really defining their niche the way they thought they were.

Workshop: Using Social Media to Grow Your Audience

This workshop is meant to build on participants’ current social media knowledge and discuss best practices, must-have third party apps, latest trends, etc. with time for everyone to sit down with their laptop and start implementing some of the advice. The goal is to get everyone using social media more often and more effectively to promote their work.

Workshop: Pitching the Experience

This workshop is dedicated to brainstorming story ideas from the trip, writing and reviewing pitches, sharing contacts, etc. We spend time with each person discussing which outlets they’re pitching, their story ideas, suggesting new outlets, reading draft pitches (if needed), etc.

Workshop: Kick it Up a Notch With Your Writing

Creative writing that draws the editor in is one of the most effective ways of selling a travel story. We’ll teach you our “tricks of the trade” that will have editors clamoring for even more of your stories.

Workshop: How to Land More All-Inclusive Press Trips

Whether you’ve been on one press trip or many, you’re likely interested in landing even more. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what destinations are looking for, how to approach them, tips for working with multiple CVBs in one trip and more.

To view a sample agenda from a previous retreat, click “Learn More” below.

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2021 Retreats

We currently have confirmed retreats in Breckenridge, Flagstaff and Palm Springs for 2021 and are working on additional destinations. If you are a travel writer or blogger interested in attending a retreat, we invite you to fill out an application and indicate your interest in specific destinations. We’ll be working with each individual destination to approve applications and send out invitations as dates are confirmed.

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