If you’ve ever felt like you’re failing…listen to this.

I think it’s time we get real about success as an entrepreneur.
You see, I think a lot of us who are more established in business do a disservice to those who are just starting out. We tend to talk a lot about our success, but that can overlook all that it took to get us to this point.

I recently did a livestream in my Facebook group to talk about this because I believe in being transparent with you, in telling you about my failures or the times I wanted to quit, so that when you struggle you know you’re not alone.

In this video I’m sharing:

  • exactly what happened in my latest colossal failure (and what I have and haven’t learned from it)
  • how I did everything you’re “supposed to do” (and it still didn’t work)
  • my next steps in failing forward
  • the only difference between businesses that make it and those who don’t

Watch the replay here.

Have you had a recent failure in your business? How are you choosing to fail forward?

Kristi Dosh
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