We are a boutique publicity firm that specializes in working with busy entrepreneurs and authors to establish their expertise and credibility and make them more visible for their work… so they can grow their businesses and impact more lives.

Because It Doesn’t Matter How Good You Are At What You Do If No One Knows You Do It.

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With a background as journalists for major media outlets like Forbes and ESPN plus experience working in-house for publishing firms, we help our clients sell more books, generate more credibility and land gigs that will lead to more income and better known expertise. 

We know that it’s invaluable to have a team with experience in both publishing and journalism when you’re an author, expert or entrepreneur trying to establish greater thought leadership in your field. We also know that the firm uniquely positioned to help you leverage your expertise is the firm who understands what it’s like to not just generate publicity for a book or topic but who also understands the process of developing that book or topic in the first place. 

That’s why we’re proud to have two published authors on our team ready to help you navigate your publicity and marketing strategy with more ease, fun and (of course) sales! 

Most PR firms focus on strictly PR. And don’t get us wrong, we do that too. We get you coverage in media outlets, podcast and radio interviews, TV segments and speaking gigs… but we also do the marketing that most other firms miss.

In addition to getting you coverage and credentials, we establish you as an expert by developing your social media content calendar, creating social graphics, designing slides for your speaking opportunities that match your brand and help develop funnels that leverage every opportunity you get.

We know that the biggest return on your publicity efforts comes not from landing an outlet and sharing about it once or twice. Your biggest return, and the way you’ll establish the most credibility in your field, is by strategically sharing these opportunities through a well-developed marketing plan.

Normally you’d have to hire two or three different firms for PR, marketing and social media management. But this isn’t the most effective way to build your credibility, and that’s why we’ve brought it all under one roof here at Guide My Brand. We make sure you not only launch your book with success or establish yourself as an expert in your field but you also leverage every single opportunity for the most cash, clients and gigs possible.


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